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Psychological Development and Education

The Psychological Development and Education team is specialized in the areas of cognitive and socio-affective development and academic learning. Their research experience can be ascertained through their scientific production in journals indexed in JCR and SJR, several books and books chapters and contributions to national and international congress in their area of knowledge.

Main research areas

  • Cognitive styles, information processing and academic achievement.
  • Perceived social support and academic adjustment.
  • Social support and self-regulated learning.
  • Self-regulation and academic performance.

The team began its trajectory on this area focusing on the influence of cognitive styles on information processing and academic achievement. The progressions of this line of research led to the raise different questions that directed the group towards the study of the interconnections between various dimensions of learning styles, self-regulated learning, academic adjustment, and perceived social support. The group is notably interested in adolescence and emerging adulthood, as eminently transitional vital stages.

Current research lines

The project “Social support, self-regulation and academic adjustment” stands among the current lines of research of the group. This project aims to analyse the relationship between perceived social support and self-regulated learning, as well as to assess the effects of these dimensions on personal and academic adjustment in the school setting.

Besides providing data and theoretical elaborations to the topic, the team intends to contribute to the design and implementation of counselling and psychological guidance in the educational setting.