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Longitudinal study for a healthy childhood (ELISA)

Longitudinal study for a healthy childhood (ELISA)

A new stage of the ELISA Program is coming, in which we aim to work for a healthy development in childhood.

Together, with your trust and involvement, we have finished the first stretch of the study!

We continue our journey! and in this new stage we will accompany our girls and boys during primary education.

See how we will do it in this short presentation video:

We form the ELISA community! Thank you so much for your valuable colaboration!

The start of ELISA project

The ELISA Project is based on a large-scale longitudinal study of approximately 2800 community children enrolled in schools from different areas of Galicia. This project began in 2017 with a sample of pre-schoolers (3-5 years), which were evaluated, both by teachers and families, in successive follow-ups until the present time. This project aims to place our community at the forefront of international longitudinal research in the field, following other work such as the SOFIA Study carried out by the University of Örebro (Sweden), which is one of the main references of this project.

Main objective

To analyse child development, with a special emphasis on different profiles and trajectories that can be identified, as well as the factors involved in the development of behavioural and psychosocial adjustment, both in the academic and family context.

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